Industrial Paint Inspector

Prior to the expiration of their certification, the professional should apply for recertification. For this end, the professional should successfully complete the following steps:


Step 1 – to send to the certification sector:

  • a proof of the work position, in which they are certified, for a consecutive or non-consecutive period of greater than or equal to 12 months in the entire period of their certification;
  • a proof of the work position, in which they are certified, for a consecutive period of greater than or equal to 6 months in the entire period of their certification;

Step 2 – to send a certificate of completion of a course on ethics and professional conduct, carried out during the validity period of their certification, with a minimum workload of 90 minutes and taught by one of the following institutions:

  1. Brazilian Corrosion Association (ABRACO) and Association for Materials Protection and Performance (AMPP);
  2. company(ies) where the professional worked or works;
  3. anti-corrosion paint manufacturers;
  4. companies providing services for the application of paint systems or other anti-corrosive coatings;

Step 3 – to send the Term of Responsibility, completed and signed, attesting to the veracity of the documentation sent and taking note of the possible applicable sanctions.

To request recertification, the professional should send by email ( the following documentation for analysis:

  1. the Form for Requesting Recertification duly completed and signed;
  2. Certificate of completion of the Ethics and Professional Conduct Course;
  3. the Medical certificate of visual acuity, duly completed, according to the format defined by the System and valid for 6 months;
  4. the Term of Responsibility completed and signed;
  5. the copy of the identification document with photo (RG, class council card, national driver’s license or passport);
  6. the copy of the Individual Taxpayer’s Registry (CPF). If the candidate’s CPF number appears on his/her identification document, a copy of the CPF will not be required;
  7. the copy of proof of educational background (diploma, course completion certificate or class council card). Declarations are not accepted;
  8. a recent 3×4 photo (scanned).

Note: we request the collaboration of professionals to send the scanned documents of the photo identification document, CPF and the proof of educational background to migrate the full registration to digital form. However, it will only be mandatory in cases of updating information or issuing a new copy due to loss.


Form of proofing of professional experience as an Industrial Painting Inspector Level 1 or 2


a) Employee: the copy of the work card proving employment relationship and statement on company letterhead with legalization stamp, specifying the activities carried out in the company (send certified copies of the identification pages with photo, civil qualification, employment contracts and pages of change of function, if any, plus declaration of activities, in accordance with the SNQC-CP Professional Experience Declaration Model).

b) Autonomous: the copy of the employment contract or RPA with proven payment of the INSS and the statement on company letterhead with CNPJ stamp (contract + declaration of activities, according to the SNQC-CP Professional Experience Declaration Model); 

c) Self employee: the copy of the company’s governmental contract and statement on company letterhead with a legalization stamp (governmental contract of incorporation + declaration of activities, in accordance with the SNQC-CP Professional Experience Declaration Template).


Guidelines for sending documents

The required documents should be sent to the e-mail, paying attention to the following guidelines:

  • one file per document type (example: qualifying examination application form file, code of conduct and ethics file, visual acuity certificate file, an identification document file, proof of educational background file, work card file plus declaration file, among others);
  • documents should be complete, legible and in pdf format (except 3×4 photo that can be sent in image format – jpg).

Note: we emphasize that the delivery of document files for the Certification Sector should be done by e-mail


If the professional does not meet one or more of the three steps above, the inspector may request recertification through one of the following methods:

  1. the Structured Credit method;
  2. in-person or online practical test of the syllabus;
  3. a technical report of the painting inspection carried out that proves the performance in the area. The candidate should make a presentation of this document to an evaluating member and answer the questions formulated by him.