Aperam Award

The best oral paper related to stainless steel will receive the Aperam Award at the Closing Ceremony of the Congress. The winner will receive a certificate and a voucher (flight ticket, ground transportation and accommodation) for a 2 day visit to Aperam in Timóteo.


Rules for the ICC INTERCORR WCO 2020 Congress


The Aperam Award will be offered by Aperam Company for the best oral paper presented at ICC INTERCORR WCO 2020.


All congress participants regularly registered at the ICC INTERCORR WCO 2020 and who submitted an expanded summary or a full paper for oral presentation.


3.1   The Congress Executive Committee will select all the submitted expanded abstract or full papers related to stainless steels.

3.2   At least one month before the Congress, an Evaluation Commission, composed of three renowned corrosionists, is appointed by the Congress Executive Committee. (Aperam pode indicar um membro do Comitê  ou pode indicar o Comitê inteiro)

3.4   Each member of the Evaluation Commission reads all the selected papers, and, in agreement, the Evaluation Commission selects the five best papers before the beginning of the Congress.

3.5   The Evaluation Commission  forwards the five papers to Aperam which chooses the best paper.