Poster awards

Announced at the Closing Ceremony of the Congress for the two best posters. Both will have free registration fees for the next INTERCORR CONGRESS.

The first place will receive the ICC Poster Award and the second will receive the INTERCORR Poster Award.

Rules for the ICC INTERCORR WCO 2021 Poster Awards

  1. Fifteen days before the Congress, the ICC INTERCORR WCO 2021 Executive Committee and the INTERNATOIONAL CORROSION COUNCIL board will designate a Evaluation Commission for Posters, consisting of six members (three appointed by the ICC board and three by the Executive Committee of the ICC INTERCORR WCO 2021).
  1. The ICC INTERCORR WCO 2021 Executive Committee will indicate 20 posters selected for the Poster Awards. This indication will be made based on the content of the expanded abstract or the full paper.
  1. Each member of the Evaluation Commission for Posters evaluates the selected papers, and, in common agreement, the Commission selects a maximum of the ten-best works before the beginning of the congress.
  1. During the poster session, the Commission members visit the posters of the selected papers.
  1. Before the end of the event, the Commission chooses the two best posters.