Vicente Gentil Award

The best oral paper will receive the Vicente Gentil trophy at the Closing Ceremony of the Congress. The winner will also have a free registration fee for the next INTERCORR CONGRESS.


Rules for the ICC INTERCORR WCO 2021 Congress


Vicente Gentil Award was established in 2008, one year after his death. Professor Vicente Gentil was the researcher who introduced the science of corrosion in Brazil and was one of the founders of the Brazilian Corrosion Association (ABRACO). The Award, organized by ABRACO, is offered for the best oral paper presented at INTERCORR, an international event which takes place every two years.


All congress participants regularly registered at the ICC INTERCORR WCO 2021 and who submitted an expanded summary or a full paper for oral presentation.


3.1 During the evaluation of the submitted expanded abstract or full paper, the evaluator is requested to sign whether the paper under evaluation is indicated to receive the Award.

3.2 All the indicated papers are candidates for the Award.

3.3 At least one month before the Congress, an Evaluation Commission, composed of three renowned corrosionists, is appointed by the Congress Executive Committee.

3.4 Each member of the Evaluation Commission reads all the selected papers, and, in agreement, the Commission selects the five best papers before the beginning of the Congress.

3.5 During the congress, the members of the Evaluation Commission attend the oral presentation of the final five selected papers.

3.6 Before the end of the Congress, the Evaluation Commission chooses the best oral paper.