Title Technical Session NameInstitution
Flexible pipes – Corrosion of Armour Wires in Annulus Corrosion in Oil & Gas IndustryArne Dugstad | NORWAYInstitute or Energy Technology
Atmospheric Corrosion at the Pace of the Industrial Revolutions Atmospheric CorrosionCarlos Arroyave | COLOMBIAFreelance Consultant
Tailored strategies against corrosion of metallic Cultural Heritage Corrosion of Archaeological and Historical ArtefactsEmma Angelini | ITALYPolitecnico di Torino
Methods to approach and monitor microbial corrosion in industrial equipment Microbiological corrosionPierangela Cristiani | ITALYRecerca Sul Sistema Energetico
Phosphates as inhibitors of steel corrosion in concrete Corrosion of civil engineering structuresJose Maria Bastidas | SPAINCentro Nacional de Investigaciones Metalúrgicas
Electroplating High Strength Steel – An Approach to minimize the Risk for Hydrogen Embrittlement Mechanically assisted corrosionTim Gommlich | GERMANYIFINKOR
Bridging the gap between austenitic stainless steel and Ni-base corrosion resistant alloys Corrosion Resistant MaterialsUlf Kivisakk | SWEDENSandvik
Cathodic protection of steel in soil and concrete: chemical and electrochemical effects Cathodic protection and Anodic protectionFabio Maria Bolzoni | ITALYInstituto Politecnico de Milano
Insights into the Fabrication of Self-Ordered Titanium Dioxide Nanotube Layers and Electrodeposition of 1D Zinc Nanostructures using Deep Eutectic Solvents Metallic and Inorganic CoatingsMário Ferreira | PORTUGALUniversity of Aveiro
Effects of water vapor on the high temperature corrosion of metals and alloys High-temperature resistant materials and coatingsFernando Rizzo | BRAZILInstituto Nacional de Tecnologia
Correlative In-situ Assessment of EAC in Corrosion Resistant Alloys Corrosion Resistant MaterialsDirk Engelberg | UKThe University of Manchester
Protective Coatings for Biomedical Magnesium Alloys Corrosion of Non-Ferrous MetalsJoão Salvador Fernandes | PORTUGALInstituto Superior Técnico
New Approach to Screening of Plant Extracts as Green Corrosion Inhibitors Corrosion and Scale InhibitorsAmar Prasad Yadav | NEPALElectrochemistry and Sensor group Department of Chemistry Tribhuvan University Central
Effective Management of Internal Corrosion of Pipelines Corrosion management and monitoringJose Vera  | USADNV GL
New Insight into the Role of Intermetallic Particles in Corrosion of Aluminium Alloys Corrosion of Non-Ferrous MetalsXiaorong Zhou | UKThe University of Manchester
Smart Particles and Coatings – What is missing? ElectrochemistryIsabel Margarit | BRAZILUFRJ
ICATS, Industrial Coting Applicator Training Scheme, ‘a journey of quality’ Organic CoatingsKevin Harold | UKICORR – Institute of Corrosion
Hydrogen Technology  Is Coming! Distribution of Hydrogen Using Existing Gas Pipeline Grids? WCO Corrosion and Green EnergyGunter Schmitt | GERMANYIFINKOR – Institute for Maintenance and Corrosion Protection