22nd Photography Contest of Corrosion and Materials Degradation

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Due to the change of the event modality from in person to virtual, in this edition we will not have the traditional Photography Contest.

We look forward to your participation in our next congress.



The 22nd Photography Contest of Corrosion and Material Degradation organized by Brazilian Association of Corrosion – ABRACO to be held at ICC INTERCORR WCO 2021, has the aim at stimulating the dissemination of characteristics and visual aspects (morphology) of the various types of corrosion for educative purpose.


2.1. All participants regularly registered at ICC INTERCORR WCO 2021 may participate in the contest.
2.2. Each participant may apply to the contest with only ONE photograph.


All aspects of corrosion on parts and equipment.


4.1. Black and white and color photographs will be accepted.
4.2. The photographs must be sent in JPG file, with resolution of 200 dpi and size up to 2Mb size. Photographs outside this format will not be accepted.
4.3. Photographs with photoshop treatment and/or highlighting details will not be accepted.
4.4. No photograph may contain any trademarks or information that may identify the author (s) and / or company (s).
4.5. Only technical descriptions will be accepted, not exceeding 300 characters.


All photographs must be submitted by June 3rd, 2021.


6.1 Photographs submitted to the contest will be previously evaluated by the Organizing Committee according to the thematic relevance of the Congress.
6.2 All ICC INTERCORR WCO 2021 participants may vote for three photos of their choice. Voting will be closed at 10am on July 23rd and counting of votes will be by electronic counting performed at 10:30 am on the same day.
6.3 The announcement of the Contest winners and the awarding of prizes will be made during the Congress Closing Session.
6.4 The final decision of the ICC INTERCORR WCO 2021 Executive Committee is sovereign, with no appeal.


7.1. Authors of the photographs classified in first, second and third places will be awarded, with one prize per classification.
7.2. In case of the awarded photograph has more than one author, only one prize will be given and its apportionment will be of the authors, ABRACO not being responsible for the destination of the prize.
7.3. In case of draw, a raffle will be done in order to establish the rankings.


All material submitted will be exhibited during the ICC INTERCORR WCO 2021.


9.1. All Contest material, regardless of the prize, will be included into ABRACO´s collection. which may disclose, at its discretion, without prior notice to the author(s).
9.2. The material that does not comply with this Regulation will be automatically disqualified for awarding, however, it may be part of the exhibition or ABRACO’s technical collection.
9.3. All cases not covered herein will be resolved by the Organizing Committee of ICC INTERCORR WCO 2021.
9.4. Any form of disclosure by the author of his photograph, as well as any voting requests, is prohibited.
9.4.1 The noncompliance of this regulation will result in disqualification of the photograph.


The confirmation of the subscription in the 22nd Photography Contest will imply in the full acceptance of this Regulation, and ABRACO has the rights to disclose the submitted material.

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