Certification process

The qualification of personnel consists of the evaluation through theoretical and practical examinations regarding workers’ knowledge based on specific criteria for each activity. The certification of personnel was created with the aim of resorting to independent organizations which are able to attest to competencies, ensuring the quality of the services provided.

Prerequisites required for candidates’ certification

The National System of Qualification and Certification in Corrosion and Protection (SNQC-CP) requires that the candidate for certification meets the minimum requirements for training, physical aptitude, professional experience and level of education defined in the qualification standards before taking the qualification examinations.

Physical aptitude

The candidate should present a medical certificate proving satisfactory physical fitness for the occupation and level at which he/she wishes to obtain certification. For each modality, different types of physical aptitudes are required by the Certification Bureau (BC, Bureau de Certificação) which are described and/or detailed in each specific occupation standard.


The candidate should formally prove to have obtained a satisfactory performance in a training course for the occupation and level at which certification is required, meeting the minimum workload and content requirements described in the specific standards.

Educational Background and Professional Experience

The candidate’s educational background should be proven to the BC through copies of documents, such as: diploma, course-completion certificate or class of council card.

For proofing of the professional experience, the following documents are valid: copy of work card or self-employee contract, proving the professional activity related to the occupation intended in the certification.

How to acquire certification

Learn about the steps of the certification process for Industrial Painting Inspector, for Professional of Cathodic Protection of Onshore Structures and  for Hot-Dip Galvanizing Inspector of the SNQC-CP.