What is the meaning of SNQC-CP?

snqc-cpThe National Brazilian System for Qualification and Certification in Corrosion and Protection (SNQC-CP) is a national-wide system which establishes criteria and systems adopted for the qualification and certification of personnel in the area of corrosion and anticorrosive techniques. 

Thus, the ABRACO 001 standard was created by the Certification Council which establishes a system adopted by the Brazilian Association for Corrosion (ABRACO) for the operation of SNQC-CP.


The evaluation of the minimum knowledge and abilities necessary for personnel to practice a specific function in corrosion and protection areas adequately.

Advantages of personnel certification

For the employer: 

a) to be benefited because of the grade of excellence due to hiring highly specialised personnel;  

b) an increase of his company’s competitiveness;

c) greater productivity; 

d) to support his company’s training program;

e) to attend to the contract requirements. 


For the professionals:

a) to increase their opportunities to be included in the labour market;

b) to update their abilities; 

c) professional growth; 

d) to identify points of  their professional improvement.

SNQC-CP structure