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  • We inform you that the professional is able to perform the technical functions defined in the qualification and/or certification standard of the occupation for which he is certified.

  • In order to prove the certification, the professional should present the Certificate of the National System of Qualification and Certification in Corrosion and Protection (SNQC-CP, Sistema Nacional de Qualificação e Certificação em Corrosão e Proteção) to the contracting party.

  • The validity of the certification is linked to the fulfillment of the certification maintenance requirements contained in the qualification standard and/or certification of the occupation. It is the responsibility of the certified professional or the employer to comply with the due dates related to the certification.

  • As determined by the Certification Bureau, the professional who is included in the list of certified professionals of the SNQC-CP with the information “in process of recertification” will be able to work in the occupation and level for which he is in the process of recertification.

  • The Brazilian Corrosion Association (ABRACO) disclaims any and all liability related to damages or losses that may be caused by the certified professional in the exercise of his/her duties.