Recertification Exam

The recertification exam consists of carrying out a simplified exam that allows the verification of the updating of the professionals’ knowledge.

To request the Certification exams from SNQC-CP, the professionals should send the following documentations by e-mail ( for analysis:

  1. the Form for requesting recertification (Exam or Structured Credit Method) duly completed and signed. In the latter, the professionals should indicate on the form the score requested for their recertification;
  2. the Conduct and Ethics code (RQ 004) completed and signed. In this case, the professional ratifies his agreement with the rules defined by the System;
  3. the Medical certificate of visual acuity, duly completed, according to the format defined by the System and valid for 6 months;
  4. the Term of Responsibilitycompleted and signed;
  5. the copy of the identification document with photo (ID, work card, national driver’s license, or passport);
  6. the copy of the Individual Taxpayer’s Registry (CPF). If the candidates CPF number appears on their identification document, a copy of the CPF will not be required;
  7. the copy of proof of educational background (diploma, course completion certificate or Class Council card). Declarations are not accepted;
  8. recent 3×4 photo (scanned).

Note: all forms are available on the “Documents for download” page.


Guidelines for sending documentations

The documentations above should be sent to the following e-mail Please, pay attention to the following guidelines:

– one file per document (example: a qualifying exam application form file, a code of conduct and ethics file, a visual acuity certificate file, an identification document file, a proof of education file, a work card file + declaration , among others);

– documents should be properly completed, legible and in pdf format (except the 3×4 photo which can be sent in image format – jpg).

Note: we emphasize that the receipt of documentations for the Certification Sector should be done only by the following e-mail


Monitoring the analysis of documentations

The candidate will be able to follow the receipt of documentations, the deadlines and the status of the analysis of their documentations through the “Documentation Review” page.

The professional who fails the recertification exam may request up to 2 (two) re-examinations, according to the ABRACO 001 standard, and should make the payment related to the reexamination.